Thursday, April 22, 2010

If you don't want to meet brilliant young biological anthropologists, you can ignore this post

Which is exactly why you are reading. Who wouldn't want to meet the coolest cohort in the AAPAs?

Plenty of us young biological anthropology folk are struggling in isolation at an important point in our careers: we may be writing up our dissertations, defending, starting our first postdoc, contingent faculty or tenure-line faculty gig, or we may be otherwise looking at the established folk and thinking, "How in heck did they get there, and will I ever get there too?"

Enter BANDIT, the brainchild of brilliant and eminently likable Assistant Professor Julienne Rutherford of the University of Illinois, Chicago (full disclosure: I am completely biased because we are collaborators and friends). BANDIT, or Biological ANthropology Developing Investigators Troop, is a loose collective of young anthropologists sharing information, insight, and support. Check it out, contribute, and appreciate the early career anthropologist in your life by supporting this site. Go to for more information, and check back in as it grows.

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