Monday, October 4, 2010

Dr. Clancy's IVF story, now on

I'm in a bragging mood, because it's not every day your face is on the front page of And the only reason why is because I jabbed some needles into my leg to help me have a baby!

Here's the permalink. And don't read the comments; they are mean.

I'm a bit bummed they didn't cover what, at least to navel-gazing me, is the cool part: the fact that I study women's reproductive biology and there are some interesting intersections between my experience and my research. The reporter Elizabeth Landau seemed quite interested in this and asked a lot of questions about it, so my guess is just that that part of the story ended up on the cutting room floor.

Anyway, I have been meaning to post this whole story to the blog, so consider this just a teaser for when I find more time later this week.


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  2. Well well, Dr. Kate Clancy! I was just thinking of you and found your awesome blog and the article in CNN. It sounds like you are doing SUCH important and interesting work, and I'm so excited for you and your loving family. Thanks for posting such interested topics on your blog - I'm forwarding it to a sociologist who is going to LOVE it, I'm sure she's going to want to talk to you... she's done some work on how fertilization is represented in a gendered way in text books - the inaccurate information about menstruation seems a related topic.
    Anyway, I'll contact you through traditional means, but wanted to say HI and that I love the blog. -Robin H

  3. Good for you! As a fellow biological anthropologist who studies reproduction and conceived through IVF, I do wish that they'd covered that angle more also. I also wish that they had noted that you were fortunate enough to live in Illinois, a state that mandates that health insurance providers cover IVF. Most people aren't so lucky, which can prevent people from being able to access the amazing treatments that science has made available to those of us who deal with infertility.