Sunday, August 15, 2010

Help me choose a blog title

I have been thinking a lot about this space on the Laboratory for Evolutionary Endocrinology blog. I want this blog to be a place for research blogging, announcements about the lab, and where other voices from the lab besides me are heard. I will start to set this up by encouraging others in the group to write. I'd like to have a separate space for my own musings; many things will be cross-posted, but that way I won't feel like I'm hogging the front page of the lab's website and you all can come to this site to appreciate the awesomeness of the whole lab group and what we're up to.

My own blog will be a science blog, mostly on reproductive ecology, human biological variation, and evolutionary medicine. I will occasionally mix personal, political and academic, but a lot of what I'll do there will be research blogging. I have strong points of view that I want to advance about science communication and literacy, women's reproductive health, and higher education, and I want to start to engage not just regular readers of science blogs, like other science bloggers, academics, and layfolk interested in science (though that whole audience is definitely important to me), but also my past and current students, and women who google their way to me because they want to learn more about things like PMS.

But my new blog will need a name. It could certainly just be MY name. But it would be nice to have it mean something, either by saying something about what is important to me as an academic, or specifically as an anthropologist. I'll offer a few ideas I'm kicking around for titles, but would also love to hear either votes of confidence in what I've thought of, or a few ideas of your own.

My current favorite:
"Context and variation" (I'm really leaning towards this one because it so nicely defines what I think is important in women's reproductive biology AND scientific literacy)

Runner up:
"Ladybusiness Anthropology" (because it makes me laugh every time)

Others I like:
"Rosie the Pipettor"
"Anthropology for the ladies"
"Fertile Anthropology"
"We can observe it!"
"Spit Jockey"
"Proximate causation"

So... what do you think?


  1. Rosie the Pipettor made me giggle, however, I like context and variation the most. :)

  2. Ladybusiness!!!! - Liz

  3. I've got to say, I really like Ladybusiness Anthropology.

  4. I love Ladybusiness Anthropology as well. I just worry about certain people *cough older men cough* who might not find it so funny. So I may use it as a tag for my posts on reproductive health, as a way to continue to use it without it being the title.

  5. I like "Fertile anthropology", it gives more clues of what this blog is about, I'm afraid most of the others would leave us clueless...

  6. I don't have title for you but a suggestion that might help you choose. Ask if people, who knew something about the blog but not the precise title, did a google search to find the site would they see it as the first or second response returned. You want your readers to easily find the site.