Thursday, May 7, 2009

Let's talk about our pets and favorite recipes

Just kidding. Though there are plenty of great spaces on the web to do that.

This blog, associated with the University of Illinois Laboratory for Evolutionary Endocrinology, will be a space for periodic updates of lab happenings, the discussion of anthropology happenings in the news, and other related stuff as we see fit. If you've found us through our blogger site, you may want to head over to aforementioned lab website where we've set up the blog in an iframe. You could also read us through a feed (see the subscription link at the bottom of the post).

We at the LEE have put together this blog so that we can offer students, collaborators, and other interested readers some more dynamic content on our site. Sometimes we'll just share a new publication, sometimes we'll entertain you with stories from the field or lab, and maybe sometimes you'll learn something.

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